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As a nutritional therapist, I believe that eating should be pleasurable, and what we eat should provide us with the building blocks for good health.


Kate Swaine, BA Hons Dip ION FdSc mBANT

One of my aims is to address the root cause of your symptoms. By discovering the origins of poor health we have higher chances of overcoming the problems in the long term. The latest research in nutritional medicine is applied in any advice I give and I will devise a tailor-made programme to suit your condition, individual needs and lifestyle.


Why you should work with a nutritionist

Without the nutrients we require, we can’t expect  to function well. Our lifestyles sometimes dictate that we incorporate foods that provide the body with excess work to do instead of providing those building blocks.

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Health Issues

From weight loss to menopause to fertility to digestive issues and more; nutritional therapy and functional medicine take into account the individual’s case history, signs and symptoms, and can investigate clinical imbalances in an approach that aims to improve health and wellbeing.


Boost Company Wellbeing

Corporate seminars and individual consultations provide nutritional advice to help your staff feel better and reach their full potential.


Functional Medicine & Testing

Frustrated and tired of not knowing what the root cause of the health issue you are facing is? I offer private testing, based in the latest scientific research, to allow us to get to the core of the issue.


What is nutritional therapy?

The pace of modern life often results in poor dietary choices, contributing to many chronic health problems. Scientific research indicates that many health issues can be improved through dietary adjustments and increasing nutrient intake. Nutritional therapy works in conjunction with, or as a safe alternative to conventional medicine.


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