Antioxidant testing: simple, painless, accurate

Many of us know we need antioxidants to be healthy. But why and where to do we get them from?  How do we know we are getting what we need or not from our diet? Come and find out!   I am teaming up with Emma Smillie again and will be using the Biophotonic Antioxidant Scanner to give you an instant result of the levels of carotenoid antioxidants in your tissue.  This gives a good indication of your overall antioxidant status.

Where:  Balanced, 1 St Bernard's Row, Stockbridge, EH41HW

When: 2 -4pm Sunday April 17th

Cost: £10

The technology in this device has won a Nobel Prize.  It uses a non-invasive laser on your hand and takes less then 1 minute.  In my opinion, a very clever object!

We get antioxidants from foods such as fruits, veg, nuts, coffee (!!), chocolate (dark, good quality!) and yes, you've heard it before: red wine!  Without them, we risk a state of oxidative stress in the body, which means possible long-term damage to cells, leading to degenerative diseases.

In the time that I've been using this device, it's been really lovely to tell people when they have a high antioxidant status.  It's also been found useful by people who didn't score so highly,  a little indication that now is the perfect time to make a few dietary or lifestyle changes, which I will talk you through at no extra cost.

Please text me on 07813 018908 to book or send me an email at

You can also book through Balanced on 0131 315 3105. Option 1 for Stockbridge.

PS:  We are open for 2 hours, but it's not necessary to attend for all that time.  We will do a small talk at the beginning if you are interested and then scan people in a private room.