Free 15 minute sessions!

On Tuesday February 12th between 16.30 and 20.30, I'll be at Herriot Watt University, at the Sports Academy on Ricarton Campus, offering free nutritional advice for 15 minute sessions. If you have any queries regarding an aspect of your health and the impact your diet could be having on it, get in touch and I'll book you in. What you eat and drink can affect many ailments and illnesses - from digestion to depression, fibroids to fibromyalgia, acne to alopecia.

Also pop by if you want some advice on nutritional supplements: What to take, which companies are better or do we really need them?

I'm also available for sports nutrition advice. Whether you're an athlete at a professional level or training to keep yourself fit, nutrients and their timing can make a big difference to your health and performance.

And, of course, if you can't make next Tuesday, and would like to have a chat, do get in touch either by email or phone.