Smoothie benefits

Yesterday I posted a smoothie suggestion. Here’s why those ingredients could support your health at this time of year. Coconut milk: A good source of lauric acid, a fatty acid which when converted to monolaurin in the body has excellent anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities. Good if you are prone to colds at this time of year. Coconuts are also rich in B vits and some minerals. Almond milk: A good protein and almonds are packed with vitamin E, magnesium and some calcium. Pumpkin seeds: Provide magnesium which we use up when we’re stressed or eating lots of sugar. Nut butter: Delicious! Plus contain useful B vits to help boost your energy, keep your mood stable and help convert carbs to energy, not fat!

Cherries: Super rich in anti-oxidants and incredibly low sugar content. Your liver and skin will be ever so grateful. Wheatgrass/barleygrass: Concentrated sources of nutrients with high anti-oxidant activity and possibly high anti-inflammatory benefits. Pineapple: Rich in digestive enzymes to be kind to your gut. High vitamin C. Cinnamon: Helps to keep your blood sugars balanced which you need for weight, energy, hormone and mood control. Also anti-inflammatory. Coco: Good source of anti-oxidants and hey, it’s Christmas!!