DNA Testing - DIET

In January I attended an intensive course in London and am now a certified DNAlife practitioner.  What that means is that I can find out some really interesting things about your health and even sporting potential by looking at your DNA.  Fascinating stuff I can assure you! These are non-invasive tests that require a swab from the mouth and your DNA is then looked at to see whether it contains any markers (SNPs) that indicate a predisposition towards a behaviour, physical or physiological attribute.

If you're finding it hard to lose weight the DNA Diet test would tell you whether your genes indicate whether you may be suited more to a low carb or lower fat diet or whether you are easily able to mobilise fat stores for energy.  You can also find out if you are more prone to insulin resistance or whether high physical activity levels may incur less weight loss than expected.

Genes involved in regulation of energy expenditure, appetite and fat metabolism all play an important role in weight regulation. In fact, 40 to 80% of the variance in body weight is due to genetic factors, which helps to explain why some people might become obese in a particular environment while others won't. Genetics looks at an individual's susceptibility to obesity when exposed to an unfavourable environment. It also explores how a person responds to diet and exercise.

DNA DIET looks at 13 SNPs that when analysed give information on how an individual's genetic profile will impact their response to the three most scientifically proven weight loss plans:  low fat, Mediterranean and low carbohydrate.  The results show that there is not a one-size fits all plan and can help determine which of these 3 (or indeed a combination of these 3) ways of eating would help you lose weight healthily and effectively.  From the outcome I can then work with you to devise a suitable plan of action.

Price £199 including test and a thorough written report of all the SNPs for you to understand results.