Top Ten Spring Tips

  1. Have some form of protein at every meal and snack as this gives a more even supply of energy.

  2. Give your body a week off gluten and see how you feel. Gluten is deemed by some researchers as almost impossible for the human body to digest properly and many symptoms of gluten sensitivity are not linked to digestion. For your carbs go for sweet potatoes, butternut squash, rice and quinoa.

  3. When you are eating gluten and grains then do of course make sure they are wholegrains, as the white refined stuff contribute to energy dips and have very few nutrients.

  4. Replace sugary snacks with healthy protein choices such as almond butter and chopped carrots, turkey slices and tomatoes, even a hard-boiled egg mid-afternoon.

  5. Minimise caffeine intake as caffeine causes surges in blood sugar levels followed by crashes and consequent low energy.

  6. Look after your stress and thyroid hormone levels. If you feel burnt out or are constantly on the go, or having difficulty unwinding or sleeping, ask me about an adrenal stress index test or a thyroid panel, to see what levels these hormones are at. Addressing any imbalances through your diet and taking targeted supplements could help you find a bit more spring in your step.

  7. Reduce alchohol intake due to its high sugar content.

  8. Dehydration exhausts the cells so drink enough water and herbal teas.

  9. Include nuts, seeds and oily fish to provide essential fats needed for energy control. A diet low in these fats could mean you become less sensitive to insulin, so you need to kick more out and your cells eventually respond poorly to what is there resulting in weight gain and energy issues.

  10. Be wary of fruit on its own as a snack as its high in sugar. Bananas, mango and pineapple are very sugary.

And just one more (so really there are 11!).....breathe, relax and find that "me" time you totally deserve! It's so important.

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